How to boost your PMA!


There might be a school of thought that believes 'I think thin therefore I am', but mind over matter is not enough when it comes to keeping fit. With the best will in the world you need to actually put in some hard work too. However, all work and no joy makes working out a real chore. Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA, is a real must when it comes to keeping going with a challenging fitness routine.

Positive Mental Attitude is a real must when it comes to keeping going with a challenging fitness routine - how is your PMA and how can you make it healthier?

It is easy to be objective but less so looking at yourself, especially when it comes to ideas that are ingrained or intrinsic to your psyche. However, being self-reflective can bring about greater awareness of where you are at with your attitude to yourself and your health, and bring about great change too. Take a look now at your PMA and how robust it is. Do you need to find ways to give it a boost and make it healthier? Here's how:

Exercise for yourself
Pressure from others, whether friends, colleagues or family, might be well-meaning but you need to get your head around the idea that being fit and healthy is something you want to achieve for yourself. You can't please everyone all the time so focus on YOU!

Feel in control
There are so many situations in which every person feels are outside of their control and yet many that are impacted by you. Many non-religious groups understand the power of the Serenity Prayer:

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference."

The attitude and effort you bring to your workout is within your power.

Take an interest
If you feel detached from what you are doing then you are not going to give it your full attention. Try new activities and exercises, or shake up some element of your workout to give it fresh appeal. Positive action leads to positive thinking.

Don't overthink!
Be mindful and ever present in the here and now. If you're thinking about past and present then you're diluting the strength of your pure positivity which you need to pour into what you are doing right NOW! This is PMA in action as it happens!

Don't beat yourself up!
You might not look like a supermodel. Do you want to? You might feel that you're past your prime or that other people are fitter, more attractive or more able than you. Stop comparing yourself to an outdated you, an imaginary you or to those around you. Blame and berating have no part to play when it comes to Positive Mental Attitude.

Like attracts like!
Being part of a fitness community means that you come into contact and get to know people who can relate to you. This positive energy can really boost your feel-good reserves too, whereas critical and negative attitudes can leave you feeling drained and uninspired.

Peace of mind
Stress can seriously damage what might otherwise be a perfectly healthy outlook. Use your workout time to allow anxiety to dissipate and to let the strains of your life ebb and flow through your mind without attaching to them. This will have a calming, therapeutic effect which might help change your perspective in a more positive light.

Set realistic goals
Some people like to set themselves up for a fall, so that what they can say fulfills their initial prophecies of doom. Being positive doesn't mean being delusional or purposefully obstructive. Accept who you are and set targets you can meet so that positive thought and action can lead to a great sense of achievement.

Do you have any tips for improving your Positive Mental Attitude? Let us know!