Immunization Services

Immunization has never been easier

Birdsboro Pharmacy offers complete Immunization Services to our customers and the community. Our pharmacists are professionally trained to administer injections and vaccinations. Let us protect your health!

Why choose Birdsboro Pharmacy?

We believe that immunizations are one of the best methods to prevent diseases from occurring. Our pharmacists are Immunization Certified, and we provide a variety of vaccine options to choose from, including:

  • Shingles vaccines - pharmacists are available to administer shingles vaccines throughout the year.
  • Flu shots - we can administer flu shots from September to January, with no prior appointment necessary.

Here’s how it works

With your doctor's permission, we can give you your shots quickly and conveniently. We will even make personalized vaccine recommendations, bill your insurance company directly, and work with your primary care provider to obtain all the necessary forms and make the required updates to your file. You will find our fees reasonable and our service impeccable.

We’re here to make your immunizations easier.

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