7 motivation mantras to get you moving


“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein might have been referring to more than just you getting off the sofa and into a fitness plan, but the fact remains that to make something happen you need action. For action you need motivation, and this is the part where many would-be fitness fans come a little unstuck. Do you need some motivation mantras to get your body moving?

If you tell yourself something long enough, or repeat an idea over and over again, then you might just start to believe it. Motivating yourself is not about tapping into inner reserves of willpower or adopting strict exercise disciplines but encouraging yourself instead. Mantras which create motivation lead to you wanting to act. Here’s seven motivational mantras to get you started:

  1. Tomorrow never comes. There’s no time like the present and there’s no reason to put off today what you can do tomorrow. Sometimes stating the obvious can have a miraculous effect. Keep repeating this to yourself and stop exercise excuses from stopping you from seizing the day.
  2. I am strong, fit and healthy. Even if you don’t feel strong, fit and healthy, positive affirmations spoken in the present tense bring desire closer to reality. It’s not just about hoping or wishing you were fit but feeling it right now, as if you had already reached your fitness goals.
  3. My body is a reflection of who I am. It’s easy to lose connection with the person who you think of as ‘you’, and your body. Reminding yourself that all aspects of what you do are reflected in your physique and a good way to motivate you into taking positive steps towards creating the right body shape and reaching a healthy fitness level.
  4. I am in control of what I do and today I’m going to do something positive. When people make excuses or find reasons not to do something they often externalize and take their own actions, motivations and capabilities out of the equation. Having a sense of being in the driving seat of your own life is a powerful motivator. Look at how other people behave and what they say and you’ll be amazed at how many people blame everyone but themselves for what happens in their lives, including why they don’t exercise.
  5. I love keeping fit. It helps my mind and body. Some people condition their brains into thinking of exercise as a chore. It isn’t. Finding the right workout or activity can bring about positive change both to your body as well as your way of thinking. Being able to exercise is a blessing, not a burden.
  6. I am getting fit so that… Why do you want to get fit in the first place? What do you want to achieve? Do you have a specific goal in mind? If so, state what it is. You might want to be able to be able to enjoy being active with your kids, or you might want to run a marathon.
  7. I’ve never wished I hadn’t worked out. People regret the things that they do not do rather than the things that they do. Have you ever walked away from an exercise class, gym workout or fitness activity regretting your actions?

Often people simply think about motivational mantras rather than really absorbing and feeling their power. Try saying your affirmations out loud so that you can hear your own voice uttering them and do this every day. You might try standing in front of a mirror and seeing yourself speaking these positive words. Add to the list with a few of your own and tell us what motivation mantra you like the best.