What is CrossFit WOD?

What is CrossFit WOD?

Do you know what a WOD is? The Workout of the Day is at the core of CrossFit training techniques and consists of daily exercises which keeps you on your toes with different challenges. The simplicity of the idea belies the challenging reality of CrossFit which utilizes intensity, load and scale to really keep even the most athletic person progressing and working toward a fitter outcome.

WODs are the basis of CrossFit training, which aims to provide a full core strengthening and conditioning program. These mini-workouts reflect the main principles behind CrossFit

A broad fitness

If you repeated the same exercises over and over again then you are soon going to focus in on one quite narrow aspect of fitness. CrossFit is about creating strength, energy and stamina through a great variety of exercises to promote the broadest level of fitness. It’s for this reason that CrossFit is often seen as a full-on, whole body training program that leaves no part of you unchallenged.

Variety to progress

Along the same lines as complete fitness is the idea that this will only be achieved if the body isn’t allowed to plateau or get used to certain exercises done in a certain way. While there is crossover, the Workouts of the Day are designed to be different each day and vary from week to week too.

Train for any contingency

While CrossFit encourages athletes to focus on a sport and includes a competitive edge, it is really about creating overall athletic prowess and performance. This means that the body is fighting fit and ready for any physical task. In essence, CrossFit specializes in not specializing and instead produces some of the toughest, most impressively fit athletes out there.

Scale and load

Workouts of the Day are not designed to be impossible. In fact, despite the tough image of CrossFit it is actually incredibly accessible to most people, although a certain level of fitness is required. The WODs may seem simple and quite often they are, but add in some intensity of some extra weight and whatever level you’re at you will feel the heat.

Functional Training

WODs need to be varied so that they can incorporate different physical activities, such as functional movement. These mimic the body’s natural movements and improve range and mobility, while stimulating a high neuroendocrine response. These movements are safe to do too, as they follow your natural physiology.


WODs involve gymnastic movement and positions so that you can use your own bodyweight as resistance. The importance of this is how it improves your strength to weight ratio. These WOD exercises also improve range of motion and control.


CrossFit is renowned for its dedication to weight lifting exercises. These are an essential element in building strength, power and control, as well as supporting the body’s ability to withstand stress.

It’s vital that when following Workouts of the Day that you don’t repeat too often or that you don’t skip parts too. With so many integrated elements to CrossFit training, it is recommended that you speak to a certified trainer who can really reveal not only what a CrossFit WOD is but how to get the most out of it.