About Us

Not just another drug store

Locally owned and operated, Birdsboro Pharmacy was established in 1987 as a small business with one simple, sincere mission: to help the community of Birdsboro live healthier lives. As part of the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association, we work hard to provide our customers with quality services to be proud of.

We're more than a pharmacy. We're family. With each prescription filled, each question answered, and each customer satisfied, Birdsboro continues to provide personal service, exceptional care and efficiency that's heartfelt and beyond compare.

All the help you need...

We take great pride in offering the widest range of products and services in the area. Offering prescription drugs refills, over-the-counter medication, medical equipment, education and much more, we are committed to supporting you with comprehensive care throughout your relationship with us.

...with the best of today’s technology

As always, our values are backed by the latest electronic prescribing system. By using technology in the best way possible, our caring staff can spend more time giving you the attention and care you deserve, while supplying quick, no-fuss and no-wait prescriptions!

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